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I was so focused on Will (that back dip tho) that I didn’t really see Sonny. He is so in heaven right here, and you can tell just how precious WIll is to him by the way he holds him. 

The thing that strikes me, other than the way Will kisses Sonny, is the way Sonny is kissed. It’s like he’s reaching for something with Will. With anyone else it would be a simple kiss, but with Will it is nothing short of utter ecstasy.

It’s moments like this when I remember, all too clearly, how much Sonny hurt when he was in love with not-yet-out Will, baby-gay Will.  When he wanted this man more than anything else but he didn’t have him.

And now he does.

Now this man who wasn’t honest about himself, wasn’t sure about himself, pressed him down into the couch and covers him with his body and this is Sonny’s very definition of heaven.

This is love and this is passion and this is them just… so fucking happy with each other.  When they were fighting we all knew that they’d make it through.  I think, deep down, they knew that too.  But there was always that moment of doubt.  A moment that is gone and relief is in its place.

Sonny holds Will, cherishes him, loves him, adores him, worships him, supports him, challenges him, champions him, defends him, fights him, cares for him… and has all of that in return.

There may not be parity in terms of explicit bed scenes, but this?  This is fucking hot.

(Source: okay-grandmaster)

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